About Openfinance

Openfinance is transforming alternative asset investing with a new trading platform for digital securities. Backed by a team of industry veterans and key partnerships, OpenFinance provides unprecedented access to liquidity and investment opportunity in the $8.8 trillion alternative asset market.

Why Openfinance?

An Industry Pioneer

Openfinance is the platform for the secondary market trading of digital securities. Our ATS (Alternative Trading System) is designed for alternative assets and token-based securities and allows for secondary market trading. 

Customer Care

From initial onboarding to final settlement, we focus on flawless product design and customer education to help users buy, sell and list digital securities with confidence.

Backed by Expertise

Our team draws on decades of expertise in financial markets, exchange technology and finance law to deliver a superior trading platform.

Open to Everyone

We invite U.S.-based, international and non-accredited investors to sign up on our platform and explore all we have to offer.

Key Partnerships

Openfinance partners with leaders across the traditional capital markets and digital securities industry to provide a rapidly expanding set of investment opportunities.