OpenFinance Network is building the first US based regulated security token trading platform, built for a tokenized future.

CFX Markets will serve as OFN's US regulated trading platform, and retail channel for the trading of alternative assets, including security tokens.

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S3 | Smart Securities Standard

A protocol and smart contract library for trading securities and integrating with OFN. S3 contracts automatically detect and apply proper regulation, giving users the experience of owning a single token.

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Research Center

Plan your portfolio and future purchases by comparing securities through historical data analysis, asset descriptions, and team information. Receive ratings from agencies, social media buzz, and discover new opportunities for investment.

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Investor Passport

Your single Sign-on AML KYC accreditation and residency. Sign up one time, and "Login with OFN" at any of our partner sites. Whitelist Wallets to allow for compliant trading of permissioned security tokens.

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